1. Ecocities: Building Cities for Healthy Future


1. Ecocities: Building Cities for Healthy Future


Ecocity Berkeley by Richard Register was published 1987 by North Atlantic Books of Berkeley. Register grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an architect father, moved to California and in 1965 and started a wing of the peace movement called No War Toys. The same year he met Paolo Soleri. By 1974 he had decided the impacts of cities upon the planet were so grave, yet had the potential to be so positive – a major theme in Soleri’s work – that he gave up the practice of tactile art and turned his attention to “ecocity” architecture and urban design. Ecocity Berkeley was revolutionary in its vision to not only densify urban neighborhoods, but to liberate vast areas of natural and agricultural land from asphalt and lawns. This book coined the term “ecocity” and many of the architectural, landscape and urban planning ideas espoused in the book have since become familiar around the world.


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